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Hi! I'm Sydney, Syd, Squid - really whatever you're in the mood to call me. After having spent twenty years never traveling outside North America (or much at all), I packed my bags and headed on a three week long trip through France and Italy. For the first time, I was able to  recognize my passion for traveling the world and experiencing new cultures. In the midst of graduating college and embarking on a new career, I began going on trips every chance I got, and realized that I wasn't stopping anytime soon. 

Currently based in NY

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A community dedicated to curing your Fernweh

The Wright Way is a travel content site created by members of the Akullian Creative team with the aim to build a community of travelers to inspire those who don't...yet.

I'm constantly hearing people make excuses for why they can't travel - they don't think they have the time, the money, or the expertise. For a long time, I was one of those people! Traveling the world seemed like a far off Utopian fantasy reserved for the rich and famous. As I was neither, it was easy to justify my pigeon-hole view of the world and stay in one place. After my first trip overseas, I realized how wrong I was. People from all over the world, of every financial standing, were traveling in their own way. It made me wonder, why weren't more people I knew doing this, and how could I help? 

So, what's our team's mission? To help everyday people discover the ease of traveling to destinations they never thought possible, whether you're luxury traveling or budget backpacking. We'll be offering comprehensive travel guides, tips & resources, merchandise and more to help you find your "Wright Way" to travel. We'll also be giving our readers the opportunity to share their own travel stories through our blog. 

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Food: Italy, NYC, Maryland 

Wine: California, Italy

Nightlife: Budapest, NYC, Dublin

History: Paris, Vienna, Stockholm

Shopping: Rome & London

Beaches: Amalfi Coast, California, Florida

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