Traveling in 2021- What to Expect

What's the deal with traveling in 2021? What can travelers expect during this year? Believe me, I know we're all thinking about these questions. As vaccines are being distributed worldwide, the hope for travel seems to be a little more realistic this year. Let me take you through all the places you can safely travel to, when you can travel, and what you need to bring with you this year.

Image: CDC high/low COVID-19 areas

What you'll need to do before you go:

You can expect each country to have different requirements and regulations, so make sure you look into the vacation prior to booking.

  • The CDC requires you to obtain a negative Covid test no more than 3 days prior to international travel (going there and returning to the US)

  • Some countries require vaccination record (Australia's Qantas Airways will only fly vaccinated passengers abroad)

  • Masks are required on all forms of transportation and recommended everywhere you choose to travel

  • Social distancing will be enforced throughout airports

  • Recommended that when arriving back in the US, you get tested immediately then quarantine for at least 7 days

What areas are safe?

Here is a list from the CDC of countries currently with low risk levels. It is recommended you travel to low risk areas and continuously abide by Covid protocols (mask, social distancing, increased sanitation, etc.)

It is vital that you check travel restrictions for specific areas prior to your vacation. Each country/area has a different level of risk, so be prepared before you go!

Recent changes:

Here is a detailed map of countries you can travel to in 2021.

Here's a great way to see which countries are allowing travel, which ones are partially open, reopening soon, or with no restrictions. Be sure to do your research!

Greece recently announced they will open borders to US citizens beginning May 14th! Interested in hearing more locations open to US travelers? This article mentions 50 countries you can travel to in 2021; some restrictions apply.

Looking for the perfect place for your next vacation? Here are some Covid-friendly locations featured on our blog!

Things to remember when booking your trip:

  • Book now, but check return/cancellation policies (you don't want to lose your money if you cancel)

  • Consider purchasing travel insurance

  • Read our blog on rebooking/cancellation

  • Increased sanitation makes for longer waits in the airport, make sure you have well over enough time

  • Get your Covid test prior to your trip so there's no hold up

  • When you return, get tested and quarantine! No matter how safe you thought you were, it's your duty to protect your community

  • Get vaccinated if you can, here is a list of those who qualify for the vaccine in the state of New York (make sure you look up your state's phase #)

Tip to remember: If you test positive, you'll have to find a place to stay abroad until you recover. Some hotels may allow you to extend your stay to quarantine on the property, but most that do will require you to pay out of pocket.

Even though we're all eager to travel in 2021, the steps to do so can be daunting. Consider traveling somewhere with low risk and infection rates to stay as safe as you can. Remember to abide by all Covid safety protocols and respect new rules put in place. When you return to the US, do you part by quarantining for at least 7 days and getting a negative Covid test. There is immense hope for the travel community in the upcoming year so if you're not comfortable with traveling just yet, don't worry, you'll be able to go somewhere soon!

What trips are you planning? Tell us about it in the comments!


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