8 Crafts To Do With Your Travel Mementos

Quarantine has left most of us with more time on our hands than ever. Leaving us pondering the question of how to have fun and pass time at home; after all, there’s only so many times you can finish a puzzle, rewatch your favorite movies, or make banana bread. While we wait for the day we can walk down the aisle of an airplane again, reminisce on your past trips by making these travel crafts at home.

Bar Coaster Frame

travel coaster craft to do at home

Who said wall art has to be a photograph or painting? Put your prized collection of bar coasters to good use by aesthetically arranging them in a frame and hanging it on your wall. You can also buy coasters online from websites that sell various collectibles. It’s a creative and quirky way to liven up your space.

Push Pin Maps

quarantine travel crafts to do at home

You’ve probably seen those maps where you mark or scratch off every country you’ve been to, but making your own means you can customize it in any way to match your interior design preferences. You can either print it at home on paper then tape it to a foam board and frame it, or order a print on foamboard or Forex PVC board online.

Learn more on how to make your own push pin map.

Travel Journal

travel journal for travel gifts

Journaling can have a lot of powerful mental health benefits. If you’ve already been journaling at home, why not make one just for your travels? Fill it with doodles and start cultivating it by adding boarding passes, pictures, local tea-bags, tickets, currencies, and any other random little collectibles, kind of like a mini scrapbook. Bring it with you on your next trip and jot down what you’ve been doing or liking, but until then, you can flip through it to cure your wanderlust. This is also a compact and space-saving way to preserve your memories.

Keepsake Box

keepsake boxes as travel decorations

If you’re not the most artistically oriented person but still love to save every ticket, pamphlet, and map, a travel keepsake box is a great alternative to making a travel journal. Use any sort of box, paint or decorate the outside to your liking, and keep all your mementos in one safe spot.

Check out Martha Stewart's Travel Keepsake Box project.

Travel Magnet Frame

things to do with your travel tokens

Something I constantly see in souvenir shops while abroad is magnets, making them the perfect inexpensive token to bring back on your travels. When you've picked up enough on your travels, build them into a travel magnet frame!

For the magnet backing, you can use magnetic paint, a magnetic white board, repurpose an old metal baking sheet or cookie pan, or purchase a metal sheet for relatively cheap and frame it. You can paint it to match your home decor and relive your past travels by having all your magnets in one spot!

Don't have the time to build your own frame, but want something custom? Purchase a steel board on Etsy!

Shadow Box

shadow boxes for best ways to travel

A DIY shadow box is another clever way to show off your travels. Pick up (or order online because, you know, social distancing) a shadow box and use glue dots to arrange your travel tokens to your preference. You can even make one for every country you’ve been to!

Postcard Tray

postcard projects for awesome travel blogs

For this simple yet chic project, buy a plain wooden or plastic tray, arrange and paste your postcards (either printed online or from your past travels), and seal with resin. You can also do this with a wooden coffee table to display your memories!

DIY Coaster

DIY projects for travelers

Showcase your favorite travel photos, postcards, or any other paper collectibles by turning them into reusable coasters. All you need are ceramic tiles, felt, and mod podge or resin to seal. It’s a great way to display your favorite destinations around the house.

If you’re a sentimental traveler, these crafts will keep your memories alive and avoid clutter. Let us know what projects you’re working on at home in the comments below!

This blog was assisted by Featured Wrighter, Patris Joanidhi


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