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One of the greatest aspects of traveling is experiencing diverse cuisine from all around the globe. Food is something that mends the world together and brings people comfort and happiness. When you travel, exploring the culture of that area through the local food is one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in their lifestyle. Since we can't travel much right now, let me take you through different cultures and countries through staple dishes from all around the globe.

England: Fish and Chips

This hot dish consists of fish doused in batter and fried, served with french fries (chips) on the side. I urge you to try different flavors of fish while you're there- the salt and vinegar fish and chips were my favorite!

Finland: Squeaky Cheese

This one of a kind mild cheese dish is pan-fried, served with cloudberry jam, and typically served as dessert or alongside coffee.

Greece: Spanakopita

This Greek staple, Spanakopita, is a savory spinach and feta pie wrapped in flakey, buttery filo dough. You'll find this in nearly every bakery in the country.

Morocco: B'stilla

This dish is both sweet, salty, spicy, and buttery all at the same time. It typically includes either chicken, quail, or cornish game hen. The secret ingredient in this meat pie is pigeon.

Poland: Chlodnik

Truly the dish of every Polish summer. This brightly colored meal consists of a cold beet soup flavored with cucumbers, radishes, plain yogurt, and topped with hard boiled eggs.

South Africa: Biltong

This salty snack is made from a variety of spiced, dried, and cured meat typically including beef and ostrich. These are eaten alone as snacks, chopped and put into stews, or even in muffins. This meat most similarly resembles a saltier version of beef jerky.

Spain: Paella

The two main ingredients, saffron and spanish rice, are typically accompanied by chicken, shrimp, sausage, mussels and potatoes. A signature Spanish dish that is great at restaurants, but easy to make at home too!

Thailand: Tom Yum Soup

This popular soup directly translates to "sour/spicy soup" which really could not be more fitting. It typically includes shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet white onions, and thai chilies in a lemongrass, cilantro, lime broth.

Switzerland: Chocolate

Calling all sweet tooths! While Switzerland may be known for their wines and cheeses, they also really know how to make a good chocolate. Check out the Cailler Factory, the birthplace of milk chocolate.

Australia: Meat Pie

Australians sure do love their meat pies. People typically eat them in cafés or take them on the go. Eat it like a true local by topping it with warm or chilled tomato sauce.

Belgium: Moules Frites

Belgium's moules frites is most similarly compared to burgers and fries in the U.S. The mussels come in different ways so either try it plain, or spice it up with some extra flavor by ordering the curry powder mussels.

Brazil: Pudim

Similar to flan, pudim is a soft pudding-like dessert made from condensed milk, sugar and eggs. You can find this dessert at almost every restaurant and café in Brazil.

Canada: Poutine

What's not to love about poutine? I mean gravy, fries, and cheese curds, how could you go wrong... Although this savory dish is sometimes served in the U.S., nothing compares to the true Canadian version.

Austria: Apfelstrudel

Closely related to the classic American apple pie, this dessert includes tart apple paired with sweet pastry dough, most commonly consumed with afternoon coffee.

France: Pot-Au-Feu

This beef stew dish is the National dish of France and includes cuts of meat along with carrots, parsnips, cabbage, onion, black pepper and cloves.

Italy: Ragu alla Bolognese

We all know Italy is known for their pasta, but which one do we order? Bolognese is the national dish of Italy featuring tagliatelle pasta and tomato sauce with meat, onions, carrots, pancetta, and butter.

India: Murgh Makhani

This staple dish includes buttery chicken with onion, garlic, ginger, butter, and tomato puree served over rice with naan and black lentils on the side.

Exploring a country through their cuisine is one of the best ways to understand their culture. Whether you're going out to a restaurant to eat or making it at home, there are plenty of ways to understand a culture through it's foods. The ingredients in these dishes are native to their country of origin, so freshness is always a guarantee.

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