Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations That Are STILL Going On In 2020

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As the “virus that shall not be named” causes hysteria across the world, many Saint Patrick Day celebrations have been canceled. However, as of today a handful of cities claim the show must go on. Are you still willing to risk the crowds so that you can throw back Jameson wearing plastic shamrock earrings? Here’s where to do it.

London, UK

(Update: This parade has been cancelled as of 3/13/2020)

While Dublin’s famous parade has been cancelled this year, London is still holding their memorable event, leading many to wonder if Irish and tourists alike will head to the home of the Big Ben to make this 2020’s Saint Patrick’s Day the event of the year.

Birmingham, UK

(Update: This parade has been cancelled as of 3/13/2020)

Only a couple hours outside of London, Birmingham will be the location of a two day St. Patrick’s Day celebration including a parade, beer olympics, and multiple other pub events being held in the entertainment district. While the event committee has acknowledged the looming threat, they have decided to leave attendance up to the public and are avoiding canceling the event due to the months of planning and preparation it has taken to put on the festival. For more information, check out the festival's statement by the Birmingham festival and parade organizing team.

The Hague, Netherlands

(Update: This parade has been cancelled as of 3/12/2020)

While many don’t think of the Netherlands when imagining the Irish celebrations of St. Paddy’s, The Hague is one of the few cities that has yet to cancel their festival. The Dutch’s celebration is paired with live music, dancing, and of course, beer. In my opinion, this might appear to be one of the most exciting Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in mainland Europe.

Buffalo, NY

(Update: This parade has been cancelled as of 3/12/2020)

The Buffalo Saint Patrick’s Day parade is among one of the oldest in the country and luckily will be held on March 15th for the 209th time. However, the event risks getting canceled if a case of COVID-19 is detected in the Buffalo area before then.

New York City, NY

(Update: This parade has been postponed as of 3/11/2020)

Ah, what’s better than being able to drink your Guinness in a city with no open container laws? New York City’s parade is the second longest running parade in The United States and as of now is still occurring. However, if you’re planning on attending this event, keep a watchful eye on any cancelation reports amid news that the city has decided to cancel similar gatherings, such as the New York City Half Marathon, which was set to occur on March 15th.

Syracuse, NY

(Update: This parade has been postponed as of 3/12/2020)

Okay, Syracuse, NY may not be the biggest or best Saint Patrick's Day festival in the world, but with an average number of 100,000 partakers every year, it’s worth mentioning. Plus I grew up blacking out at Coleman’s on Tipperary Hill, so I’m biased. Deal with it.

Toronto, Canada

(Update: This parade has been cancelled as of 3/12/2020)

With an Irish themed week of balls, concerts, and a parade, Toronto takes the cake in Canada for Saint Patrick Day festivities. While the event committee has issued a public statement encouraging those who are sick to stay at home, the threat of the virus is currently low in Canada, therefore they have decided to proceed.

Montserrat, BOT

For a small island in the Caribbean, these people know how to throw a Saint Patrick’s Day party. As the territory was first settled by Irish and still under British ownership today, they still recognize Saint Patrick’s Day as a public holiday, while still interweaving their own spirited culture into the celebrations. This is a great place to have a St. Patty’s experience like no other, and at the very least, in nice weather.

Perth, WA

(Update: This parade has been cancelled as of 3/13/2020)

Find yourself in Australia, but still feeling lucky? Perth’s Saint Patrick Day parade will be held on March 14th, and by knowing anything about Australians, we’re already assuming they’ll drink Ireland under the table.

Cancelled Saint Patrick Day Parades as of 03/10/2020:

Chicago, Illinois

Boston, Massachusetts

Dublin, Ireland

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Munich, Germany

New Orleans, Louisiana

Tokyo, Japan

Cork, Ireland

Disclaimer: Of course, amidst the current spread of the Coronavirus it is imperative to be mindful of being at any public event in order to halt the spread of illness. Wash your hands regularly, avoid sharing food with other people, and do not leave the house if you feel ill. If you decide to attend a St. Patrick's Day event, make sure to read the health notices published by the event committee of said event in order to be up-to-date on how to safely partake in this years festivities.