Vision Boards: An All Inclusive Guide

Going into 2021, we want to plan out our goals, manifest a destination for our thoughts, and achieve all that we can. Vision boards are created to do just this! A vision board tailored to all your goals helps you to visualize your future success. These boards are personalized and are made to create purpose in your life and to accelerate your objectives.

Allow me to take you through an all inclusive guide to creating the vision board of your dreams.

First, think.

Planning out your vision board in vital in recognizing actual results. During this step, you have to make your intentions clear, think about your goals, and set reasonable objectives for yourself. Most of us live in a sort of chaotic blur, especially throughout the unprecedented circumstances that 2020 brought to us all. Since we live in this overwhelming time, it can be hard for us to imagine our goals and continue to keep dreaming. So, what is it you dream about? Here are some things to start you off:

  • Your vision for your relationships with others

  • Your vision for your relationship with yourself

  • Your vision for new hobbies, skills, or experiences you want in your life

  • Visualize your career goals

  • Visualize your money-making goals, money-saving goals, even goals about paying off your debts

  • Think about worldly ideas and aspirations you see for your global community

  • Think about important values in your life

  • Think about keywords that may help you to reach these goals

Ultimately, where do you see yourself in the future? What does life have in store for you? How will you narrow down the most important objectives that lay ahead of you?

Second, gather.

Vision boards are all about putting thoughts to images and creating a new way to visualize the important things in your life. This step happens once you've figured out what your goals include. Here, you can find images, quotes, or keywords that help to put your ideas on paper. Sometimes, it can be hard to find images to represent your hopes and dreams, but don't let that slow you down. To start, take your goal and break it down. Think about what it means to you and what it may look like to you in the future. Then, search specific details of what it may represent. Here's an example:

Personal goal- To be more enthusiastic and optimistic.

Think- What makes you feel energized?

Find- Pictures that represent confidence, passion, and happiness.

Examples of pictures- A coffee cup, a burning fire, the sun, bright colors, a smiling face

Quotes/keywords- Energy, positivity, greatness, strength. "I will overcome", "I will persevere", "It is what it is", "I will do better".

The pictures you choose should represent your goals and everything they stand for. Remember, this vision board is for you and you only. The images may mean something to you, and something to someone else, and that's okay!

Third, Reflect.

Once your pictures are placed in an array that makes sense to you, it is important to look these images over and understand what each image represents in your future. Go over each image/quote and think about the goal and how you will reach it. Convince yourself that it is not only reasonable, but exceedable as well. These images should feel good to you and they should each have deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

A couple things to keep in mind when reflecting on your vision board:

  • What do these images mean to me?

  • How can I achieve these goals?

  • Do these pictures represent everything I see myself achieving in the future?

  • Are my biggest goals included?

  • Is the layout something I can easily navigate and enjoy looking at?

Now, here's the cool thing about vision boards. They'll always mean something more to you than what someone else may think. If you choose to do so, share your vision board with a friend or family member, and tell them what the images mean in your life and how you plan to reach those goals.

Helpful Tips and Tricks


- Physical vision boards can be created on any push pin board (typically cork board) and images can be cut out from magazines or printed from online sources.

- Digital vision boards can be easily made on any creative platform, but my favorite is through Google Slides. I use just one slide for all my pictures and since it automatically saves, I have nothing to worry about.

*Remember, there's no right or wrong way to assemble your vision board. The layout is entirely up to you!

Best places to find images/quotes:

- Pinterest (my personal favorite for finding vision board images)

- Instagram

- Google images


*Helpful tip: If you're looking for a specific way to represent your goal, search the goal then the word "aesthetic". Example: "Confidence aesthetic" will bring up numerous images that might help to represent that specific theme.

Saving your vision board:

Keep your vision board somewhere you can see it everyday. Your goals should always be right in front of you and remind you to subconsciously carry out these goals without even knowing. If you make a physical version, hang it in your bedroom or office! If you make a virtual version, make it the background of your laptop or phone!

*Remember, you can be (and should be) updating and clarifying your vision board as your year progresses. If you think of something you may want to add, then put it on. If a goal on your vision board seems of less importance, alter it or remove it!

Here are some examples of Vision Boards:

1. Financial Success (physical board)

Financial success vision board

2. Finishing Projects (physical board)

Finishing projects vision board

3. Emotional Intelligence (physical board)

Personal vision board example

4. Relationships with others (digital board)

Relationship vision board

5. Relationship with yourself (digital board)

Personal vision board

It's easy to get caught up in the madness that life throws your way. Vision boards make it easy to keep your dreams in tact and your goals just a short reach away. Vision boards can help you stick to both your short-term and long-term goals/aspirations. Keep in mind that planning your intentions, manifesting the outcomes, and reminding yourself of your goals will help you to see results.

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