Beach Blues - Package of 4


Our Beach Blue Lightroom Presets brighten your photos while bringing out touches of turquoise and blues - perfect for photos taken by the water or at the beach. This package comes with four different preset variations to give you a wider array of options that will help best fit your photo's lighting and colors. 

These presets work on mobile and desktop 


The presets in this package include:


  1. Crystal Seas
  2. Blue Lagoon 
  3. Ocean Glow 
  4. Cabana View 


After your purchase, you will receive a download link where you can download the preset zipfile. On mobile you can save each file on preview mode.


Check out our instruction manual to learn how to install your presets on mobile and desktop or watch a mobile video tutorial by Mariefeandjakesnow 



Beach Blues Preset Package (Lightroom)

  • Click HERE for our Instruction Manual