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Hi! I'm Sydney, Syd, Squid - really whatever you're in the mood to call me. After having spent twenty years never leaving North America, I packed my bags and headed on a two week trip through France and Italy. For the first time, I was able to recognize my passion for traveling the world.  In the midst of graduating college and embarking on a new career, I began traveling every chance I got, and realized that I wasn't stopping anytime soon.



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hotel recommendatons

My favorite housing resource when traveling in a group. Often cheaper than hostels! 

vacation hep

While in Europe, Vodafone is king for getting a new sim card at an awesome price. 

cheap flights

Hopper connects you with the cheapest flights directly from the airlines. However, always do your pricing research before booking through any company.

travel tips

Arrive in a city before check in? Use Nannybag to store your luggage, so you can enjoy your day baggage-free.

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